Specialty Areas
of Therapy

*  Child Counseling
*  Anxiety and Fears
*  Depression
*  Mood Disorders
*  Grief Counseling
*  Divorce Counseling
*  Parenting Solutions
*  Premarital Counseling
*  Relationship Issues
*  Trauma and PTSD

"The self is not something ready made, but something in continuous formation through choice of action." - John Dewey

Hope, comfort and safety are provided here to direct your path toward success. This is a collaborative process that works something like this. You provide your unique self and potential. I listen to your story and with my expertise, we will journey together towards a more positive and rewarding time in your life.

Some of life's challenges and problems may impede your path toward personal progress. Struggling through some of them can appear overwhelming at times. Your journey through personal change can often be very uncomfortable, and at times you may need a knowledgeable guide to help you through these transitions. In a secure and comfortable environment we can together address your specific needs.

Preparing our children for life brings much joy and many interesting challenges. Sometimes understanding why problematic behaviors in our children continue despite your efforts can be perplexing. Many times an entire family suffers due to the lack of resolution to these problems. I would like to work with you to produce a plan that works for you, your child and your family. One thing parents and children have taught me is that I do not have all the answers, and that it is the collective of our approach that brings solutions to restoring balance and harmony to family life.

Your choice and action are needed to initiate a process of improvement. Our first step will be to encourage your commitment to our mutual therapeutic process. Together we can develop a plan to bring out your best potential.