Specialty Areas
of Therapy

*  Child Counseling
*  Anxiety and Fears
*  Depression
*  Mood Disorders
*  Grief Counseling
*  Divorce Counseling
*  Parenting Solutions
*  Premarital Counseling
*  Relationship Issues
*  Trauma and PTSD

Client Resources

Single Forms

If you are a prospective or new candidate for counseling it is easier to use the appropriate Adult or Child packet links under Document above and get all the right forms at once. This page is provided so that you can access forms that are optional depending on specific counseling circumstances or in case you need just a single form to replace one lost or spoiled.

Clinical Policies Document

Patient Information Form

Authorization to Release Medical Records

Child/Adolescent BioPsychosocial Assessment

Adult BioPsychosocial Assessment

Consent for Treatment

Acknowledgement of Counseling