Specialty Areas
of Therapy

*  Child Counseling
*  Anxiety and Fears
*  Depression
*  Mood Disorders
*  Grief Counseling
*  Divorce Counseling
*  Parenting Solutions
*  Premarital Counseling
*  Relationship Issues
*  Trauma and PTSD

Client Resources

Parenting & Family Handouts

These are all short and can help parents with their children or other family issues. You'll find them relatively self explanatory.

Anxiety Worksheet

Assertive Exercise for Young Children

Self Harming Disorders

Attention Deficit & Hyperactivity

Defiant Child Parenting

Use Encouragement rather than Praise

Fair Fighting Minimizes Relationship Damage

A Family Contract

It's OK to be Angry

Out of Control Behavior

What is Play Therapy?

Parenting the Highly Anxious Child

Parenting Strong Willed Children


School Anxiety and Refusal

Self-soothing for the child with the difficult temperament

Solutions For Soiling

Parenting special Needs Children

Special Time for Parent and Child

Temper Tantrums

Unifying Parenting Styles